Smartwatches That Work With Ios
Smartwatch M26 Android iOS

Smartwatches That Work With Ios And Android: Smartwatch M26 Android iOS


Hello, guys, Review of the Smartwatch Rwatch M26. Smartwatches that work with Ios, now with its newest product the M26. Smartwatches that work with Ios is not just a review. So when you get the package, here is what is inside. You get the box, inside the box that’s what you get. The watch itself, there is charger which is standard USB cable, and you here has the user manual, which is in Chinese. But the hard to work it out yourself without a manual. Even if you do not know Chinese :-), So that’s the watch itself. It is a high-quality material rubber band. It stays stable on the wrist. This button here is how you switch it on/off and put it in standby mode. Just press it and hold, there is a strange Chinese tune played. So it says Connecting now. But my Bluetooth is not enabled, so the connection is unsuccessful. So that’s the watch.

Smartwatches That Work With Ios And Android: Smartwatch M26 Android IOS
Smartwatch M26 Android iOS

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The screen is very high quality, with good resolution. You can see all details on it. Three sensor buttons here. The first one is on the menu, the second one has different options and uses and the third one is to go Back. Also to set up your Bluetooth connection. And from here you can lock and unlock your watch. So you start the menu from here. Here is the Bluetooth menu. So from here, you can add your watch to your phone, it should be an Android phone. You can also connect it to an iOS device, BUT you will be able to use only necessary notifications for calls, messages and play music remotely. When connected, you can access your phone book from here. Or dial a number. Directly from the watch. You can speak directly; it has a small microphone and speaker here. You can see it is a very high-quality aluminum body. You can also access your messages from here read them but cannot write notes. You can get notifications from Facebook and everything.



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