Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Two-Tone Gunmetal and Stainless Steel Smartwatch

Save Money To Get Cheap Fossil Touchscreen Two-Tone Stainless Smartwatch


Save Money To Get Cheap Fossil Touchscreen Two-Tone Stainless Smartwatch

Specification & Features

  • Product Name: Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Two-Tone Gunmetal and Stainless Steel Smartwatch
  • Brand: Fossil
  • Model: FTW20021
  • Fashionable take on wearable tech-round 46 mm case in smoky stainless steel featuring a digital display dial, and two-tone stainless steel band featuring fold-over clasp with hidden push-button closure
  • Compatible with all Fossil brand 22mm straps
  • Compatible with Android Devices 4.4+ and iOS 8.2+ / iPhone 5+
  • Customizable faces to fit your style
  • Receive display notifications
  • Connect to your favorite apps
  • Engineered with Intel Innovation®
  • Not water resistant-protected from dust and can withstand water immersion between 15 cm and 1 meter in depth

So you want a watch with touchscreen functionality and classic good looks Timing is everything with Q Founder. This best of both worlds digital display smart watch in smoky stainless steel tracks activity and connects seamlessly to your phone.

Comments List

  • Fossil Touchscreen Two-Tone Stainless Smartwatch Reviews:

    I often rise with the eyes that peeled off, with the blue drops, this sense of irritation is over, even the white of the eye seems to be more brilliant! very pretty on olive skin. I love my does not suit all horny so informed you. The parcel arrived in time. The lenses are easily (for a person with experience to install lens), the effect is a little strange at first, but you quickly get used to it after ten minutes. They cause a very slight effect of tunnel vision, in which it is done quickly. I’ve worn it 5 hours straight without discomfort (more a long time, I will probably rehydrated the eye with a serum phy). An excellent report quality price, I can’t wait to return! Before it was in a great area, the service consumer of the brand may tell us to apply to the management of the stores to reference the product… we fall back on Amazon but the catch is for once a price a bit higher (but in case of shortage, etc.). If not correct and cleans sustainably and efficiently, glasses, magnifiers, etc, The products sold in the opticians are better fragrant, but not more effective. good product that fits well with the descriptionpetit flat on the container of the lenses, not very pratiqueje recommend, fast delivery.

  • Cheap Fossil Touchscreen Two-Tone Stainless Smartwatch:

    Super well I love her too and not expensive really c is toooooooooop and levrison very rapid I you the councilThe clamp and the suction cup are very convenient for those who do not have too much the habit of putting contact lenses or who don’t want to mess with their fingers. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the pink color of the box…. Very good Article in compliance with the description. It was lost en route, but after contacting the seller (very courteous and pleasant) to me was returned and I received it very quickly. Beautiful cjaîne glasses, discreet, as I wanted to. Thank you. Super gift!!! very appreciated by the lucky recipient of this gift. we find easily the glasses. Very, very practical. I recommend!!!! Very beautiful object decorative moreThe drops inoxa are simply perfect especially when it is very dry, or too windy, irritated eyes and reddened. I advise to put in the purse! Good product, but be careful, he is going to buy a product lens if you want to remettres, it is not provided. But otherwise very happyNice rendering but plillure on a place of loeil. De more, one of the lenses was torn. Very disappointed for the price… Small box very useful, that is not bulky. There is everything you need for the lenses. I would recommend it. they are not solid they will break very quickly I would not recommend this purchase very disappointed hurryReceived on time and the colors of the site and in real are different, the embarrassment on 3 different people (3 ordered pairs) is fast enough quality not.

  • Cheap Fossil Q Founder:

    topLenses very comfortable, beautiful well fluo, really the top for this price! I recommend! get back in other colors!!! the top! I council all the people in the eyes sensitive tired irritated dry ect…. c is a great product to tryVery well all in all for the delivery and lead time, but the left lens does not stay on my eye it seemed a little thicker than the right, and the shot does not stay in place. Disappointed I’ve got one that had a micro tear and unfortunately I was not able to put a feeling unbearable shame, because I liked a lot as it was. :((I received a lens open we nou are poorly understood with the seller, but all its going to be resolved soon, I’ll let you know….. otherwise lenses sublime super quality! Fast delivery, parcel received before the date expected. Lens perfect, easy to set only thing is that it is necessary to provide a box of lens otherwise you will not be able to use it a next time. I took these lenses to complete a costume of Super-Heroes and made the small “touches” that will make the difference. I’ve experienced some difficulties to apply the lenses nevertheless (but I’m a beginner, lenses contacts). The effect is immediate, a look immaculate that will be able to amaze your friends.

  • Best Buy Fossil Q Founder:

    Concerning the tolerance, I have not had any sort of reaction, be sure to wash the hands properly before handling them and use a liquid disinfection, specialized (and non-physiological serum which does not have the same osmolarity, and free cleaning agents). I do not think that it is really reusable, I think they will be able to do a couple of gigs a few days apart, depending on the quality of the packaging that you have provided (liquid, box etc). Attention to hygiene because the keratitis is infectious on contact lens is not rare, but serious. I recommend this product to 2000%. I love that these drops are homeopathic. While I haven’t noticed any whitening effects, they are the best at relieving dry, tired eyes from staring at computer screens all day. Great for office workers gold students! surprise the reception of the product! send a simple letter, tearing, and a lens was no longer in its packaging! so much to say that it is fucked up! I do not welcome the shipping service or order pickers! I do not recommend any purchase from this brand! The lenses are of good quality and delivered very quickly (within 48 hours), but without case.

  • On Sale Fossil Q Founder:

    They are yellow and red but are not as flashy as in the picture : even with green eyes, you can distinguish the color of the iris around the pupil, which appears dilated. Easy to put on for someone who has never put but gives a little headache and red eyes if they are worn more than an hour…. very happy with the lenses I have the brown eyes her change completely my face jaime thank you I recommend and I recommend lenses, but this time bluethe color of the lenses does not match the color shown on the presentation form of the product, the lenses are not nuts, but rather brown color eye with crocodiles. disappointedReception, speed, packaging : parfaitEssai on eye brown: bleuffant! On green eye, not great you don’t see much difference. All in all, rather very positive! The red is much less intense than in the photo, I have brown eyes and my loved ones not noticing the almost not that I was wearing lenses. However, the service is excellent I received the package the next day! article meets the description and of good quality, is easily and causes no discomfort. A special mention to the seller courteous and efficient, which helped me because the lens that annoyed me at the beginning had returned, and not knowing anything I thought that there was a fault, he gave me the instructions very quickly and efficiently for everything to be in orderLike many, I seem to spend my life in front of screens : all day at work, then once home for leisure, and even a little weekend… (proof ^^). And age does not help..

  • Fossil Q Founder Reviews:

    visual fatigue is felt increasingly. So I opted for these glasses, due to their price and positive reviews in the previous. Now I add mine 🙂 The comfort is immediate! I feel clearly the difference in front of the touch pad that burned me literally the eyes very quickly, even on the computer : the filter glasses stops entirely some dazzling effect. Most of tingling sensation, discomfort in front of the screen. Perfect!! The little more, as if we needed one : the pouch o semi-rigid which protects the glasses.. Everyone loved it and I thinks. Superb effect… Do not hesitate to take ���Lenses received before the specified date, perfect for evenings of halloween. I highly recommend!!!! They have made their point!! at the topGives an excellent effect even on of the eyes, dark (brown), shipment and delivery follow-up ultra fast. Provide a box and the product to keep the lenses. Effect stunning. Bought for Halloween : super rendering. Only downside, shipping charges high compared to the price of the articleThe color is not very showy. With the brown eyes I see almost no difference with the lenses I see blur. I have not been able to wear them for more than an hour the discomfort was too strong to continue to wear them…. Damagevery well, but a little bright for brown eyes. You can see the true color of the eyes to the center of the lensThe lenses do not fit on the eyes too flexible to be able to keep up with the moisture of the eye. Really disappointed..

  • Best Buy Fossil Touchscreen Two-Tone Stainless Smartwatch:

    . Finally, fasteners glasses of different colors to not to get the wrong glasses, each one has its own color and everyone is happy. The price of this product has doubled in the last year, it’s unbelievable, I ordered since 2013 was 2. 40€… it is better to go to an optician. I tried the lens, frankly not worried about super made, no problem for the put in spite of that I am not a veteran, the price super reasonable, frankly I advise! Please be aware that the lenses are slightly fragile 🙂 effect warranty. a little hard to wear for a long time because it is a little fuzzy. fast delivery. satisfied. I council for an evening only. good quality, as a result stunning! Perfect for completing your costume zombie. Received faster than expected (3 days instead of 6) I wanted to thank you for the little gift and quick shipping and soignéeMaintenant there has to be fun!!! To trèss soon… I did not receive the correct model! I had to ask the lens “Red Wolf” I’ve received the “Dragon eye” which is a pupil a black slit-shaped very difficult to implement because they need to be rotated until it aligns to the vertical. then it is necessary to say what that is, it is ugly. I don’t use and is not intended to do so… I hope soon to receive the correct model but… view the original price, if I paid the return it shook not worth it. otherwise, the sending was rapid.

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