Fossil Founder Touchscreen Silver Smartwatch

No Risk – Just Review – Fossil Founder Touchscreen Silver Smartwatch



No Risk - Just Review - Fossil Founder Touchscreen Silver Smartwatch

Specification & Features

  • Product Name: Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Silver Smartwatch
  • Brand: Fossil
  • Color: Silver
  • Model: FTW20001
  • Fashionable take on wearable tech- round 46 mm case in refined stainless steel featuring a digital display dial, and brown leather band and buckle closure.
  • Compatible with all Fossil brand 22mm straps and features customizable faces to fit your style
  • Compatible with Android Devices 4.4+ and iOS 8.2+ / iPhone 5+
  • Receive display notifications like email, phone calls and texts, and social media notifications and connect to your favorite apps.
  • Engineered with Intel Innovation

So you want a watch with touchscreen functionality and classic good looks Timing is everything with Q Founder. This best of both worlds digital display smart watch in classic leather tracks activity and connects seamlessly to your phone.

Comments List

  • Fossil Founder Touchscreen Silver Smartwatch Reviews:

    A product that has been transported as a cage hen. The door and the rear have been affected. Wholesale packaging OK but the carriers are accustomed to. Thank you for taking care of our packages! Otherwise unit was very good, nothing to complain aboutDelivery on time, no worries. Wine cellar conforms to the ordered. Aesthetic nice, too bad we can’t choose the temperature in degrees), no thermometer inside. Good article a pity that the note of explanation is not in Françaisafin to be able to properly adjust this device please review this problemNice wine cellar, good quality, shelves nice. A little bit noisy all the same when it sets out to regulate the temperature. Purchase good overall. 19 pieces of wood and a bag of screws loose in a cardboard box: not even a map or an instruction manual! Then it is not stupid and we are trying to understand… and we understand but above all we understand that all of the holes are to be drilled in the horizontal boards without a marker without a guide… The furniture is possible to ride for a good handyman who has two hours in front of him!!! Otherwise, forget it. excellent quality/price. provide a driver. may put away the champagne, except offset of tablets.

  • Cheap Fossil Founder Touchscreen Silver Smartwatch:

    a counselor for storing his wine for a small priceTHIS PRODUCT GIVES THE APPEARANCE OF A DESIGN OF QUALITY, BUT UNFORTUNATELY NO MANUAL IN ENGLISH THAT IS NOT LEGAL. SO FOR THE MOMENT I LOOK AT IT!!!! Suitable product but problem with the levels of the holes are not at the right place. Forced to pierce to the side. Hello good product if you don’t have a screwdriver, heat up your wrist for the assembly because there are a lot of screws. Rather dissatisfied with the aquisisition of the wine cellar because :- it is Impossible to get down to the set temperature. 11° to 8° is required. – Safety and frequent need to unplug to reset. Not recommended for the bottles inside. – Noise and heat is important. In conclusion, I regret my purchase and will proceed to his removal. The device is however aesthetically pleasing. no installation instructions in the package to be able to mount it. Otherwise very handy for storing a small wine cellar and to have a few good bottles of advance. Very convenient for a small gift. good product, the person to whom I have offered is satisfied. I RECOMMEND ITgood product but no French page in a manual to use very “basic”…

  • Cheap Fossil Q Founder:

    After a translation of the English pages (also in German), confirmation of the characteristic more than simplistic explanations…. We walk a little as we see fit…… I confirm the comment of vigilance. Compressor HS after 4 years. Manufacturer conspicuously absent, in Luxembourg, probably in liquidation. No SAVvery good purchase, nice wine cellar, great look, fits the technical data sheet, a little septic on the amount of bottles to store, planned for 160, I would say 120. 2 temperature levels and easy adjustment and reliable, not noisy. a advisorI bought 3 shelves of different sizes to make my cellar. The prices are very affordable and the product-resistant (provided you are a handyman and hang it on the wall on the shelves), it is a good investment…. The weak point is the fact that the shelves are poorly set… it is recommended to leave the head of the wine in the bottom… but not too much. It is thus necessary to modify the heights of the shelves to be even. In addition, the heights allow you to pass bottles type Bordeaux, but Champagne (… it is necessary to modify the heights… :)…). But the big negative point of the product… it is the coating on the wood that made me turned the head and the stomach….

  • Best Buy Fossil Q Founder:

    A tip if you buy it, be do-it-yourselfer ++after-sales service of Zoomici outrageous and lacking going the nerve, asking me to wear this huge cave very heavy up to the job in order to practice in the abduction. Could you deal with it because all e-mails sent do not have an effect. cordialementErick Barukh. THE 2 SMALL SHIMS PROVIDED (IN WOOD) TO ALLOW compliance with THE SPACING BETWEEN HORIZONTAL SUPPORTS;THEREFORE, THERE IS NO NEED TO LEVEL; however IT SHOULD be SCREWDRIVER: THE SCREWS ARE GUIDED THROUGH HOLES PREVUSDANS THE VERTICAL studs AND SCREW-IN DIFFICULTY IN HORIZONTAL SUPPORTS. First small defect: the ability is only of 12 bottles of 75cl and provided that they are of standard size. Then the temperature measurement is only approximate (I’ve raised an internal temperature of 3 degree lower than that displayed on the screen). But what seems unacceptable is its consumption: announced to 54kw per year I measured more than 300kw at the annual rate (tested with a power meter to 48 hours). The figure in itself is not that shocking for a small wine cellar but how is it possible to announce a consumer too far removed from reality? I bought two. They are now side by side, fixed between them through the shims provided and, of course, fixed to the wall ; it is nickel. Shelf stableJe have it installed in my garage and Nothing has signalerContrairement has other opinions I like this side wood bruteEt for me it lacked any element! 5 star. I like the product which is as described. We can use it for photography or for filming. The lamps are included. BonjourCette small ave is trèsbien for those who do not need to keep many bottles. Not too suitable for bottles of champagne.

  • On Sale Fossil Q Founder:

    Finally, a pity that the switch for the light is at the bottom at the interior.. Lighting Kit photo studio at very attractive price. Lightweight material, with a clear focus discovery, which may not be considered professional use. It is necessary to manipulate the tripods with great care, all the hardware is plastic, which does not suggest a high durability. Everything works perfectly for me. I use an Adaptor DUO Double Socket E27 to be able to accommodate 2 bulbs per light box, and everything fits perfectly inside. Beautiful quality for this objetPrix totally excessive and not justified despite toutPourtant in the cheapest on the marketI bought this wine cellar for storage in my kitchen. It is a piece of furniture nice except that the mounting and really not easy to do. Be careful when you tighten the vice, you run the risk of broken wood. Wine cellar a bit fragile for my taste. great, very practical for an apartment, easy to lay, quiet and very functional keeps the wine has good temperature I the boardThe mounting is easy for who knows a minimum of tinkering; The note of explanation on a postage stamp but it does not need more. I do not recommend if you don’t have no place to mount the cabinet and/or if the diy put you off.

  • Fossil Q Founder Reviews:

    BY USING THE 2 SHIMS PROVIDED IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THE SAME DISTANCE BETWEEN HORIZONTAL SUPPORTS, ETAPRES 4 OR 5 BRACKETS, THEY ARE NO LONGER IN FRONT OF THE HOLES PROVIDED ON THE MONTANTSVERTICAUX; IT IS THEN NECESSARY TO DRILL UP THESE AMOUNTS AT THE RIGHT HEIGHT TO SCREW LESSUPPORTS TO THE AMOUNTS. ONCE THE EDITING is done, The SHELF IS RATHER NICE AND PRACTICAL. I DO NOT REGRET MY PURCHASE.. fast delivery for a prduit of germany, the only complaint is when there’s an outage, it is necessary to alter the setting. Otherwise corresponds to my expectationI offered this shelf to my husband to put in our garage and I am very happy, mounting facileje recommend this articleIt remains for me to evaluate the product on the shelf in the hope that it will still work in 8 years from the date of deliveryProduct conforms to my expectation, delivered in the time advertised. Correct packaging and very complete information. I am a customer of Amazon for several years and the few small problems have always been resolved to my advantage. Good report quality priceI’m very excited by occurs. Its operation is 0 decibel quiet so as not to disturb the sleep it is perfect. I am perfectly satisfied with the packaging and delivery. I recommend you warmly to mini bar fridge which I’m very happy! we are happy with this purchase, very nice, only the storage of the bottles is not simple. we regret that there have no hydrometer on the inside.

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