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Good Watch Brands For Women: Top 5 Iconic Watches For Women

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Trends may come and go, but these watches have real sticking power. Good watch brands for women. Top 5 iconic watches for women. who become the favorite choice good watch brands for women. Here’s my selection of iconic watches for women The serpent does belong to Bulgari and it has been slithering through the brands collection since the 1940s, when Elizabeth Taylor was photographed wearing one on the set of Cleopatra in Rome in 1962 The Serpent has shed its scales overtime and appeared in a myriad of guises, including this doubled coiled model that rise with vibrant coloured turquoise scales and eyes, and a diamond-studded tail coming and a diamond-studded tail. Coming up to its sweet 16th, Chanel’s wildly successful J12 was originally conceived as a men’s watch, but stolen by women, fitting in perfectly with Gabrielle Chanel’s talent for poaching materials from men’s wardrobes and giving them a feminine touch.

Good Watch Brands For Women

Watches For Women: Bulgari

Lending a sporty temperament with luminous and hard wearing, white ceramic and a sprinkling of diamonds the J12 is here to stay. Necessity is the mother of invention, and this watch icon, that is coming up for its 85th anniversary was created following a request by British polo players, in India to find a way to shield the glass on their watches during polo matches. This is how the world’s favorite reversible watch was born. The Art Deco design, so prevalent in Paris at the time, influenced the watch, with its clean lines and hallmark stripes at either end of the case, and it has remained virtually unchanged throughout the decades and offers countless customization possibilities on the back of the dial.

Good Watch Brands For Women

Watches For Women: Chanel

Good Watch Brands For Women

Watches For Women: Jaeger-LeCoultr

Affectionately known as a jumbo because of its protruding ears on either side of the case, the Nautilus watch was designed in 1976 by Gerald Genta for Patek Philippe, as a luxury sports watch for men. An icon in the Patek pantheon this Nautilus model comes in stainless steel, with a wavy blue opaline dial. It is the very essence of casual luxury, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Good Watch Brands For Women

Watches For Women: Patek Philippe

There is something timeless about the sophisticated design of the Hermès Cape Cod watch with its illusions to Maison’s icons. And the double wrap Bernie calfskin strap, in this gorgeous burnt orange color is so very Hermès. I consider each of these watches to be icons, because they capture, something about the time in which they were created. And I think this is what makes them everlasting. You can buy all these products by clicking on the link below If you want to know all that’s happening in the world of jewelry and watches.

Good Watch Brands For Women

Watches For Women: Hermes



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