Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch

Everything You Need Before Shopping – Just Review Fossil Founder Touchscreen Leather Smartwatch


Everything You Need Before Shopping - Just Review Fossil Founder Touchscreen Leather Smartwatch

Specification & Features

  • Product Name: Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Brown Leather Smartwatch
  • Brand: Fossil
  • Color: Brown
  • Model: FTW20011
  • Fashionable take on wearable tech- round 46 mm case in refined stainless steel featuring a digital display dial, and brown leather band and buckle closure.
  • Compatible with all Fossil brand 22mm straps and features customizable faces to fit your style
  • Compatible with Android Devices 4.4+ and iOS 8.2+ / iPhone 5+. If you are running ios 10, this Fossil Touchscreen Smartwatch requires the ios 10.0.2+ software update released from Apple.
  • Receive display notifications like email, phone calls and texts, and social media notifications and connect to your favorite apps.
  • Engineered with Intel Innovation

So you want a watch with touchscreen functionality and classic good looks Timing is everything with Q Founder. This best of both worlds digital display smart watch in classic leather tracks activity and connects seamlessly to your phone.

Comments List

  • Fossil Founder Touchscreen Leather Smartwatch Reviews:

    Product conforms to the description. I only use the temperature function and humidity for my porch filled with orchidéesLes numbers are large and visible from far away. The precision seems to me to be correct having compared it with another thermometerDoes what one expects. Not so rigid as that. It is always the same : you have to see in time. My previous flexible grohe has been there for 10 years (different model…) I am delighted with my purchase. it is a hull very nice, the dimensions are perfect, and in addition it comes with protective films for the screen and even a stylus, it’s all for the same price! object heartbreaking not capable of operating normally leaks of any request for reimbursement not impossible, to escape. plastic seal! it’s like in discotheque property por know the temperatue of the water is very bright, very fun c”is nickel j’adoreInward fast, super product with GROHE, you are sure not to deceive you, quick installation without any complication, the cleaning is easy with a cloth and soap and wipe dry it is! Height 18 cm, advanced bec : 26 cmvous the advises. The quality is there, the mechanism is smooth and accurate, the assembly with the bung provided, and the flexible couplings was carried out without problems.

  • Cheap Fossil Founder Touchscreen Leather Smartwatch:

    Has the use over a bathroom sink, it is common to splash the top of the faucet; As the top is perfectly flat, the water does not flow and staying just to spoil the beautiful glossy appearance of the object.. The product is 2 times less expensive than on the market and at the quality level, one can immediately see the workmanship and top of the range. The mixer weighs his weight, and mark a notch to shut off the water. It was thought not to use the jet rain, but it is a true happiness. Set to 38°c it is ideal for the shower. Fast delivery. the ap has nothing to bordeaux in reality, he is bright red so does not match my besoinsje have no opinion as to the quality because the colors do not match, I returned without opening itThis device does not give the correct temperature and there is no way to adjust. Nothing helps a new calibrationHull perfect for the Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge, the tèléphone and fitted to slide, and it is well protected, the connections fall perfectly in front of the holesThree faucet identical bought, a promotion of 20% for the last two purchases. the product is of good quality only regret for certain it has pa from the position of “water saving”, which is marked by a point of blockage at the opening. Otherwise, this product fits perfectly into a contemporary bathroom. I bought this hand shower to replace the old one. It was a VRH metal, double the price of it. The VRH has lasted almost three years.

  • Cheap Fossil Q Founder:

    It developed a leak. The HOY, while plastic is more effective. The trigger allows you to really adjust the speed, that was not the VRH. The jet is also more enjoyable. At least, for the price, if it is leaking at the end of three years, I will not be disappointed with the change. HOY and VRH are the same distributor, and the only references valid in France. Exit casto and other which are of very poor quality. Therefore, I would highly recommend this product and this mode of hygiene which has advantages! I find it a little rigid, but apparently of good quality, to see after 2-3 years of regular use… I bought it as a replacement for a product of bricomachin which will be held for only a year… On the two end caps purchased, one had the bezel broken. Considering the price, I have not returned and he was able to be made when the sameThis shell is very well, which is protect the phone, on it there is nothing to say, but this makes it a bit more difficult to touch seen that there is a “glass” of plastic on the screen.

  • Best Buy Fossil Q Founder:

    But you get used to itI was expecting a shell of poor quality considering the price but it is bin worst. The material of the hull is really cheap just by placing the phone it crashed already. At the end of a few days only the rear of the hull is completely smudged and begins to darken in short take this article to their rescue, but not to use on a regular basis, in addition to the top of the stroke and the bottom of the phone are not protected. I ordered a shell SPIGEN which costs 6 times more expensive but it is actually protecting the phone. Only positive point, it adapts perfectly to the size of the NOTE 3.. I do not put 5 because the thickness of the roll is not the same as it was initially (obviously difficult to find) but the dimension is good in diameter and I was able to deliver my shower door properly.. so all is wellVery good purchase, nice and solid, the hull is rigid on the XPERIA tab and the flap is more flexible with aspect cuir2 negative points: the entrance to The sound button is not that easy (plastic annoying a little) The Vertical position is not very stable, and only 1 angle of inclination is not possible. Despite this, it remains a great product and not expensive at all. Less pressure than a spray smaller but more jets and therefore more pleasant for showering. Good quality manufacturing, one of three different modes. Very satisfied with my purchase, remains to be seen over time. Does not work.

  • On Sale Fossil Q Founder:

    Short ignition Green led to the setting pressure while the water is cold. then nothing. Lack of finish. Bands male stuck are that the screen is hide. Well-suited for the phone warning her designInstallation is very simple and fairly robust, for the moment, but to see it on the shelf, I will edit if the product to be a problem quickly. Excellent quality, beyond my expectations. The color is really nice, the shell is neither too flexible, nor too rigid. As for the accessories, it is really a plus. I think to buy another color. the support is not fixed on the tiled floor of the shower matt. Obliged to return the next day damageThe finishes are good, the change between the different types of jet (3 modes : rain, jet and classic jet center powerful) is done very easily. Pimples are not leaking or do not go away in all directions. Given the price, this is a very good article. I bought this model for its design, which is suitable for the sink on which it is installed (high spout). Undoubtedly, the quality Grohe is at the rendez-vous, and it changed from the valve to the unpronounceable name purchased in a big string of furniture distribution (…) that I had installed five years ago (smoothness of operation, quality of the glossy coating that makes it easy to clean…). The only problem : I thought that was standard with a temperature limiter to avoid water that is too hot. And it is not there. I just realize that it is to buy in addition (I don’t know where…). So I take off a star for the lack and another because you don’t tell me where to buy it.

  • Fossil Q Founder Reviews:

    I added : I just found the temperature limiter (good site for spare parts found on the Internet), it costs 7, 30€ (+ 8€ colissimo). Why not put office. This would cost how much to Grohe?? comes with the bung and airlock and all the seals required, easy to assemble, everything is standard. Check the diameter of the hole of your sink, to me it was limited compared to the old mixer, I only have 2mm of diameter from margin. delivery worry-free, perfect packaging, product without defect. I highly recommend. all works correctly, assembly instructions, all was complete. great product, lightweight, simple, reliable, flexible transparent it is not the way paspossible to decorate the back with a photo or an image I would recommend it mainly has is the price!!! Really positive for this shell for a small price, with 3 protective films. The whole adapts perfectly to the Galaxy Note 3, the hull is a little soft and absorbs shock unfortunate, it is fine, no dumbbell, not the aesthetics of the phone and leaves access to all functions. This article corresponds to the description made. It is very waterproof. However, I thought that it was grey and actually it is white. See the quality and strength of lath, I doubt that is true Kapla, Type very slightly 2 plates one against the other and you get a blow! The kapla its renowned compared to the other laths for their strength and their cuts nickel.

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